Cardinia Ranges Publishing House

Independent Publisher

Our mission, our purpose

We believe that every person matters and has a purpose. As a publisher we want to help people find this purpose and live up to the potential granted to them. We want to make great content that will help people of all walks of life.

All our works, whether aimed at the general public, children, or academics, are published from that single mission.

Cardinia Ranges Publishing House is an independent publisher. We operate from the basis of the Christian faith, but our audience, works and/or authors may not be specifically Christian in nature. However, our works and authors are all asked to respect and support the mission of this publishing house, and will never undermine our faith-based values.


Our services include:

  • Editing of manuscripts
  • Design of books & book covers, reports, and brochures
  • Organizing printing of printed materials
  • Copy writing of professional business materials like proposals, letters and web content


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