SINCE 1854.

Both Berwick & Beaconsfield have a great history as a town, with the business community coming a long way since its beginnings in 1854.

Many of the historic areas in Berwick and Beaconsfield are still present in our community to this day.

Read below to learn about the history of Berwick & Beaconsfield.

Old Post Office & Court House

Built between 1884 & 1885, the Old Post Office and Court House still stand to this day, located on Gloucester Avenue in Berwick. The post office is now home to Andrew Gray & Associates Solicitors, and the court house has been home to different restaurants over the years.

The Berwick Inn Hotel

Established in 1857, The Berwick Inn was one of the first buildings in Berwick, and has great historical value to our town. Originally named the Border Hotel. It still stands and operates to this day continuing to be a staple of the town.

Old Cheese Factory

The Old Cheese Factory was built in the 1860’s. Located on Homestead Road, it now is home to an art gallery, craft shop and cafe.

Berwick Mechanics Institute and Free Library

Built in 1866 and originally located on Peel St. It was then moved next to the Border Hotel (Berwick Inn) in 1878 on High St, after owner of the hotel, Robert Bain, signed a 500 year lease for his block of land next to the hotel.

The library still operates and is run by volunteers.

The Harkaway Quarry

Located on Noack Road, Harkaway.  The Harkaway Quarry was a former Basalt (Bluestone) Quarry, and this is where the Berwick & Beaconsfield Chamber of Commerce got our inspiration for the blue shade in our colour scheme – it is a ‘bluestone’ shade of blue and represents the quarry. The quarry was founded by William Wilson in 1859. The quarry ceased operation in 1976 and is no longer in use.


Wilson Botanical Park

The park was opened in 1992 and is a beautiful part of our community. It was built on the site of the Harkaway quarry, which was owned by the Wilson family. They donated the land to the Council in 1973 for the purpose of building the park. There is 39 hectares to explore and the park has many different plants and birdlife.

Avenue Of Honour

The Berwick Avenue of Honour was planted in September 1917 to commemorate those who had served in World War One. It consists of approximately 35 English and Pin Oak trees, along Wilson and Scanlan streets.

The Beaconsfield’s Avenue of Honour consists of 123 Hybrid Black Poplar trees, which were planted in 1929 along either side of the Old Princes Highway from Beaconsfield to Berwick.

These trees are inspiration for the tree in the Berwick & Beaconsfield Chamber of Commerce logo.


Beaconsfield Park

Beaconsfield Park is situated at the entrance to the town. 

The Beaconsfield Park sign was originally put up in 1939. It was a memorial for World War I soldiers.

Old Beaconsfield Post Office

The Old Beaconsfield Post Office was built in 1889 and has since become a cafe.

Adamson's hardware store

Located on Woods Street, this hardware store was built in 1906 by a local builder by the name of James Adamson. It supplied household goods and hardware to Beaconsfield residents. The building still stands to this day and is the home of a hair salon as well as a cafe.

Beaconsfield Hotel

Originally called the Gippsland Hotel/Bowman’s Inn, and is now known as the Central Hotel. It was established in 1855 and the current building was built around 1928.