Your Voice In The Berwick & Beaconsfield Business Community

The Berwick & Beaconsfield Chamber of Commerce is the voice of its members – the Berwick & Beaconsfield business community.

The Chamber of Commerce are your advocates to all levels of government to facilitate necessary change for local, small businesses.

The Berwick and Beaconsfield Chamber of Commerce promotes and supports Berwick and Beaconsfield businesses.

Run by business owners, for business owners, our committee consists of local business owners in Berwick & Beaconsfield who wanted to help create a strong, united community and let our voices be heard.

Tammy Lobato (Owner of Tammy Lobato Wigs & Hair Replacement Services) established the Berwick & Beaconsfield Chamber of Commerce to ensure that local businesses have a like-minded association to connect with – to contribute to, and benefit from, strong united advocacy to enable greater economic prosperity and in turn, a stronger community.

The Berwick & Beaconsfield Chamber of Commerce meet on a consistent, weekly basis to discuss current events, developments, ideas and topics for the local business community.

We lead, inspire and inform.

Berwick Beaconsfield Chamber of Commerce

From left to right – Ritesh Prasad, Nicola Weinzierl, Grant Smyth, Tammy Lobato, Robert Costabile, Lynette Costabile, Barry Erlenwein, Lynda Campbell, Mario Fallace, Matt McPhee, Jennifer Ryder

Excellent line-up of local business owners volunteering to assist our Berwick and Beaconsfield Business Community.

Representing Berwick & Beaconsfield.

The Berwick & Beaconsfield Chamber of Commerce logo contains meaningful symbolism and represents our towns.


The tree represents the trees that were planted along the avenue of honour (in both Berwick & Beaconsfield) to commemorate the contribution and sacrifices made by local volunteers in World War I. Berwick also has many beautiful trees throughout the town like this.


The horse represents Beaconsfield, and its strong equestrian community. It also represents the ‘Riding of the Bounds’ a yearly event stemming from a 400+ year old tradition of Berwick’s ‘sister city’, Berwick-upon-Tweed in England. The riding of the bounds that the City of Casey holds involve riders passing through Berwick and Beaconsfield on their horses.

Blue Colour Scheme

The Blue colour present in the Berwick & Beaconsfield Chamber of Commerce logo as well as our website is a ‘Bluestone’ shade which represents the Bluestone (Basalt) quarry in Harkaway that was well know for the Bluestone that was mined from there.


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